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Here you will find PDF downloads for the latest developments concerning Keolis Downer and our networks.

Integrated Urban Mobility

Keolis Downer is Australia’s leading private provider of multimodal public transport. Operating in 5 states in Australia, it is the largest light rail operator, one of the top five bus operators, and a key provider of new mobility solution, carrying than 250 million passengers each year. To read more about Keolis Downer, please download our corporate brochure Integrated Urban Mobility.

Moving the community of Mount Barker with On Demand Public Transport

The Mount Barker trial part of the Australian Government’s Future Mobility Lab, has proven to be one of the most successful On Demand deployments in Australia. The project has proven that the Mount Barker community will embrace new technology and service types, creating opportunities to grow on demand and to introduce new micro-mobility options into transport ecosystems.

Autonobus trial proves Victoria ready for autonomous vehicles

Following the successful completion of the first autonomous vehicle trial in Victoria, Keolis Downer and project partners have released a report outlining key findings and recommendations to support the implementation of autonomous vehicles across Australia.
The report on the 12-month project at La Trobe University’s Bundoora campus looks at all aspects of Safety, Technology, Operations and includes feedback from more than 500 passengers who experienced the world-class technology first-hand.
Click here to learn more about the Autonobus Pilot Project

Transport on Demand – Leading the way in public transport

Keolis Downer works closely with transport authorities to develop shared mobility solutions that are adapted to local needs and create more liveable and inclusive cities. Click here to discover our On Demand transport services delivered in Australia and around the world.

Riding the trend

Pulse is a thought leadership publication produced by Keolis that aims to open up the debate on key challenges facing mobility across all transport modes focusing on trends that are re-shaping this sector. Click here to read the latest edition.

Keeping successful global cities on the move

Keolis and SNCF are leading providers of mass transit systems. Developed with the support of our mass transit networks worldwide, across a range of modes including rail, metro, tram and bus rapid transit services, this brochure presents the five pillars of excellence that reflect the entire life-cycle of a mass transit network – from securing successful takeovers to day-to-day performance improvements and enhancements to network capability. To learn more, please download our latest brochure.

World Mobility Report

Keolis Downer strives to meet passengers’ expectations. In order to understand the impact of the digital revolution on mobility around the world, in 2017, Keolis conducted a research to identify digital mobility trends in 13 major smart cities spread over five continents: Abidjan, Boston, Dubai, Hong Kong, Hyderabad, London, Lyon, Melbourne, Montreal, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Stockholm and Tokyo. This research enabled Keolis to identify and analyze 400 digital innovations. To read more about our findings, please download our World Mobility Report.

Light Rail Transforming Our Cities

With the ability to move large numbers of passengers and to enable the renewal of urban landscapes, light rail is the fastest growing form of public transport in the recent decade. Keolis Downer, as the leading light rail operator in Australia, has proven expertise to deliver successful light rail network. To read more about Keolis Downer’s approach, please download our brochure Light Rail Transforming Our Cities.

Autonomous Shuttle

The exponential growth of cities worldwide calls for a rethink of urban development and everyday transport. How can autonomous mobility solutions make a credible and sustainable contribution to urban transformation and service passenger needs? With the successful rollout of driverless services, Keolis, as a new mobility pioneer, shares its insights on autonomous mobility. To read more about this, please download our Autonomous Shuttles brochure.


As the world leader in driverless metro operations, Keolis operates and maintains 10 driverless metro lines totaling 140 km of lines. To read more about the five pillars that drives Keolis’ operational excellence, please download our brochure Driving Operational Efficiency Every Day.

Keolis On-demand

Demand Responsive Transport services provide a flexible solution that adapts to all geographies, passenger needs, and economic imperatives. Keolis has an extensive experience working closely with Public Transport Authorities to design tailored solutions. To read more about Keolis’ On-demand approach, please download our brochure Demand Responsive Transport.

Transforming Mobility – a regulatory roadmap for connected and automated vehicles

Connected and automated vehicle technology will transform the way people move around. By facilitating the provision of affordable, convenient and synergised mobility solutions to people in urban, regional and rural areas, including those who are less mobile, a sustainable and desirable transport future is possible. However, there are a number of barriers to overcome to realise this mobility future. Read our Transforming Mobility Report, done in partnership with NRMA and PWC, to read our recommendations.