Our Networks

Keolis Downer is very proud to be playing a vital role in multimodal networks in the Australian states of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. Our success rests on our values of zero harm, thinking like a passenger, continuous improvement and respect for people, supplemented by the principles of trust and fairness that guide all our decisions.

Network Services – And More

Keolis Downer networks are more than just transport services. They are or contribute to urban renewal projects that bring lasting economic and social benefits to the communities they serve. We take the needs of our communities very seriously to ensure that we deliver the networks that locals want and that will boost engagement. We are also committed to developing short- and long-term employment opportunities for local contractors and industries. Sustainability is a yet another matter of Keolis Downer pride, and is built into the design, constructions and operation of all our networks.

More About Keolis Downer

Integrated Transport Networks

Whether contributing to local tourism through operating the iconic Yarra Trams in Melbourne and Gold Coast G:link light rail, or Southlink and LinkSA bus services for South Australian destinations such as the Barossa Valley, Keolis Downer’s focus is always on continuous improvement to our customer service standards.

We are expert in integrated transport services and providing the door-to-door transport solutions that today’s customers demand.

The Gold Coast G:link light rail infrastructure runs along the spine of the famous coastline, integrating seamlessly with existing rail and bus services. In Melbourne, as custodians of Yarra Trams, the oldest and largest tram network in the world, we keep over 200 million passengers connected on public transport networks throughout the city every year. On the back of this success, Keolis Downer won a 10-year contract to design and operate Newcastle Transport, the new integrated transport service for that city and Lake Macquarie in New South Wales.

North to Queensland, Keolis Downer company Hornibrook Buses has integrated public and school bus services with the newly extended rail network to the Redcliffe Peninsula. And across the continent, our Path Transit networks complement existing services, including airport lines.

Everywhere Keolis Downer networks are to be found, they are characterised by our renowned forward thinking, innovative approaches to public transport.