KD Academy

KD Academy

Keolis Downer

RTO number: 52123
  • BSB30120 Certificate III in Business
  • TLI31221 Certificate III in Driving Operations
  • TLI31421 Certificate III in Light Rail Driving 

Keolis Downer is committed to delivering world-class transport services to our customers. To facilitate this Keolis Downer delivers training through our own Registered Training Organisation (RTO) known as the Keolis Downer Academy.

We give our staff the opportunity to build and maintain top class skills and capability within our organisation through externally recognised qualifications and internal non-accredited training programs.

With access to global learnings through Keolis and decades of local training through Downer, the Keolis Downer Academy ensures the wider Keolis Downer group is a market leader in competency-based training.

For more information on KD Academy please contact:

James Edmiston – CEO Keolis Downer Academy
E: James.Edmiston@keolisdowner.com.au
P: 0478 331 158