Future Mobility

A future in which Keolis Downer reinvents mobility solutions

Keolis Downer is taking action today to deliver the mobility solutions of tomorrow.
We see them as:
  • Clean and sustainable to meet the challenges of the climate emergency and public health issues. By integrating alternative energy solutions in our fleets, adapting infrastructures and introducing more environmentally-friendly modes of transport, we help cities and regions in achieving their environmental and energy transition ambitions.
  • Flexible, innovative and multimodal, our mobility solutions offer a range of customised services including familiar modes of transport like bus, tram and train, and innovative modes and services including autonomous electric vehicles and real-time On Demand public transport
  • Connected and agile, to meet people’s new transport habits. Digitalisation and data will enable us to offer services that constantly adapt to the passenger and their environment, allowing for even more integrated journeys.
  • More accessible and more inclusive, leaving nobody out, especially in regional areas. Tomorrow’s mobility solutions must accessible and affordable, to address financial considerations exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Safe and secure, focusing on our “Zero Harm” and protecting customers, providing a positive customer experience
Keolis Downer believes that autonomous vehicles and On Demand passenger transport services are the way of the future. Unlocking the potential of existing transport networks and further personalising transport services will contribute enormously to future communities and their demands.

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