On-Demand Services

On-demand passenger transport services will help unlock the full value of the existing transport networks while personalising transport services to create a better experience for customers.

What is on-demand transport?

On-demand transport is any form of transport where the day-to-day services are influenced by the demand of the users. Passengers book a service for when and where they want to travel, with buses or smaller vehicles meeting this demand in place of fixed transport services.

These flexible, non-regular routes encourage the use of public transport by providing mobility options for all, in areas where daily demand is variable. On-demand services can connect passengers with other public transport hubs, or direct to their destinations, to enhance the mobility of the entire community.

  • NEW TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS offering instant responsiveness to the passenger to book his trip (mobile app, mobile website, booking call centre, operations software, ticketing, etc.).
  • CAN BE ADAPTED to suit all customer profiles (including passenger with reduced mobility).
  • COST EFFECTIVE for local authorities thanks to the optimal use of assets, and suited to travel needs

Keolis Downer operates two on-demand passenger transport pilot projects by the New South Wales (NSW) Government, and most recently was awarded two on demand transport trials by the South Australian (SA) Government as part of the Future Mobility Lab Fund.

The aim of the pilots in NSW is to deliver reliable and affordable first and last mile services in two large and well-populated areas of greater Sydney that meet local needs and encourage the use of public transport. The pilots integrate with existing transport services to improve mobility for all passengers, on both high demand and low demand routes, with the result of providing faster, safer and more convenient trips.

The SA on-demand responsive trials will provide valuable information on the benefits to customers of demand responsive services as part of future public transport networks by delivering services tailored to local needs. The lessons learned from these trials will inform the development of better transport services in new contracts for Adelaide metropolitan and regional transport areas.

Keolis Downer already runs on-demand transport services in South Australia. Globally, Keolis is the leading operator of on-demand transport for passengers with reduced mobility in France, and also operates on-demand passengers transport services in the Netherlands (Veluwe) and the US (Los Angeles).

Keolis delivers 2.9 million on-demand journeys each year

Learning More About KD

On-demand trials in NSW and SA

Keolis Downer operates two trials in Sydney and two trials in metro and regional Adelaide, which allow passengers to book transport from or near their home to a local transport hub or landmark.

One of the pilot projects is taking place in the Northern Beaches area in integration with the B-Line rapid transport services. Passengers can book a vehicle that picks them up from their home or nearest designated stop and takes them to the closest transport hub.

The second pilot will service Sydney’s rapidly growing City of Ryde/Macquarie Park precinct. This service aims to provide a more direct and personalised journey for commuters and students looking to travel within the Macquarie Park precinct.

In SA the on-demand trials services have been integrated with Regional and Adelaide Metro networks by linking passengers to transport modes within Mount Barker and the Barossa Valley.

Leila Frances, Keolis Downer Chairwoman, said of the projects;

“We are excited to collaborate with Transport for New South Wales and the South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure in implementing innovative on-demand transport services. By providing better ways to travel we aim to make public transport the first choice for people while increasing efficiency of operations and enhancing passenger experience.”

For more information, download our latest brochure On Demand Transport.

On-Demand NSW Trials: Partners and Objectives

Keolis Downer is partnering with AECOM, CSIRO/Data61, JYW Consulting and the University of NSW on these pilots. For more information on on-demand trials operated by Keolis Downer in Sydney, go to https://keoride.com.au/

The pilots will help the NSW Government fulfil the objectives stated in its Future Transport Technology Roadmap. These include unlocking the full value of the existing transport network while personalising transport services to create a better experience for customers.

On-Demand SA Trials: Partners and Objectives

The Keoride team comprises a range of leading transport organisations that have come together to participate in the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s on demand trials. Led by one of Australia’s leading operators, Keolis Downer, the team works with Via (technology provider) to deliver class leading transport services. We are very proud to have the opportunity to co-create innovative transport solutions with DPTI in a collaborative environment as part of the Future Mobility Lab Fund. For more information on the on-demand trials in Adelaide, go to SA Keoride 

The Future Mobilty Lab Fund has a focus on projects that demonstrate, develop or contribute to the applied research of future mobility technologies and provide real benefit to the South Australian communities. The Lab has been used to support a number of connected and autonomous vehicle trials within South Australia, providing valuable services to the community while promoting the deployment and developments in future mobility technologies.