Overview of Keolis Downer

Who We Are

Created in 2009, Keolis Downer is the largest private multi-modal public transport operator in Australia. We operate and integrate all types of mobility services for more than
passenger journeys each year
in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, and regional South Australia and Western Australia.

Our operations combine world-leading expertise and deep local knowledge. We bring together the experience of an international public transport company, Keolis, and one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading engineering and infrastructure management firms, Downer.

More About Keolis Downer

Our History

Soon after Keolis Downer was created in 2009, we successfully tendered for the Yarra Trams franchise in Melbourne, the largest light rail network in the world. The partnership was strengthened through the delivery in 2011 of G:link on the Gold Coast, the first greenfield rail network Australia has seen for more than two decades. In 2015, Keolis Downer entered the bus market through the acquisition of Australian Transit Enterprises (ATE), one of Australia’s leading bus operators.

What We Stand For

Keolis Downer is committed to the Australian and New Zealand market and aspires to support Government and public transport authorities in delivering their vision of future mobility.

We work closely with our clients, the community and our customers to deliver a shared vision for the city or region that extends beyond public transport. Through our unique knowledge and experience in service development, network design and smart cities, we provide mobility solutions that meet evolving expectations and shape urban environments.

Keolis Downer is committed to the development of integrated transport solutions that provide seamless connections for people while supporting modern lifestyles and shaping the fabric of our urban environments.

The Right Choice

We have a unique structure that combines a local and well-established business in Australia and New Zealand, Downer, with the world’s leading transport operator and integrator with a presence in 16 countries.

We value long-term partnerships with our customers and staff via open and honest interaction and engagement.

We have the experience, mindset and resources to not only redesign current networks but make new ones a reality too. We do this by integrating all forms of mobility, including active transport, autonomous vehicles, parking and public transport.

Our unique ‘Keoscopie’ approach is a comprehensive set of tools and methodologies that we have developed from more than 100 years of experience operating transport services. Keoscopie gives us the ability to understand community needs and adapt our transport offer to meet local expectations. We deliver patronage growth by delivering what passengers want.

We have conducted research based on Keoscopie along with Netexplo, an international observatory of digital trends, to deepen our understanding of digital mobility needs.

We have also developed a methodology called Neolis that optimises urban public transport services to create the ´ideal’ network while delivering value for money and balancing the use of finite resources.