Path Transit

At Keolis Downer, we think local first. Path Transit is run in the west for the west and has been that way for the past 20 years.

Path Transit commenced operations in Perth in 1996. We currently operate public and school bus services in the north-eastern and eastern suburbs from bus depots located in Malaga, Bayswater, Welshpool and Kalamunda. Path Transit operates the three circle line route services in one of Western Australia’s premier regional towns, Kalgoorlie. We are committed to Perth and Western Australia: we employ locally, source the majority of our inputs locally, and invest locally.

Path Transit is characterised by forward-thinking and an innovative approach to public transport. For almost 20 years, we have delivered outstanding customer service. We have also consistently introduced new ideas and services to the industry, including better scheduling, new maintenance approaches and training. To continue to improve our services, we have a team of dedicated transport professionals who consult with the public, and, with the aid of the latest technology, are constantly working to enhance Western Australia’s public transport system.

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Fast Facts & Figures

Client: Public Transport Authority of Western Australia (PTA)

million vehicle-km per year
million passenger journeys per year
0 +
weekley services
Metro Depots, 1 Regional Depot and 2 Regional School Stabling locations

Path Transit: more facts and figures

  • Since 1 November 2015, Path Transit has been operating a new line, number 380, which services Perth International Airport. The line was named after the famous Airbus A380 which helps connect the world’s most remote capital city to many of the world’s most well-known destinations. This service complements the existing lines we offer to Perth Airport.
  • Other lines take in some of Perth’s most beautiful icons, including Kings Park and the hills of Kalamunda.
  • Path Transit is committed to managing a safe workplace and ensuring that its drivers are properly cared for. One example of this attitude is our engaging a doctor to help drivers. This arrangement supports staff in becoming healthier and more active and enables a quick transition back to work if they are ill or injured. Studies show that returning to work is the best way to assist injured workers. It gives them hope for their recovery and shows they are valued members of the Path Transit team.
  • Over 15% of our drivers are female. This is above the industry average; however, to better reflect the communities in which we live and operate, we are striving to continue increasing the diversity of our workforce.


ISO9001 – Quality Management Systems

ISO45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

ISO14001 – Environmental Management Systems

ISO55001 – Asset Management

AS4801- Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

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