Keolis is one of the world’s largest and most successful bus and coach operators. It provides services in  ninecountries with a fleet of more than 23,200 vehicles. The Group’s bus fleet in Sweden runs entirely on alternative fuels and is 100% fossil free. Keolis Downer operates buses, charter and school bus services across 4 states of Australia.

With the world moving to greener public transport solutions, Keolis Downer has embarked on an exciting journey to become the largest operator of zero-emission public transport services in Australia, cementing Keolis Downer’s commitment to support PTAs and accelerate the energy transition with large-scale deployments in public transport.

With a pipeline of 200+ electric buses to implement in the coming years in Australia, Keolis Downer has established a Centre of Excellence for the energy transition, to encourage information sharing locally and internationally, with an approach based on continuous improvement.

Keolis Downer entered the bus market in Australia in 2015 with the purchase of Australian Transit Enterprises (ATE). Since then Keolis Downer has continued to provide improved bus transport services in South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.

More About Keolis Downer

Buses: The Backbone of Multimodality

Keolis Downer is proudly modally agnostic and customer-centric. We know buses are the glue that binds many transport networks and offers a flexible solution that whole networks can adapt to with growth. A highly capable bus network that provides feeder services into the spine of a city’s transport system is fundamental to dynamic networks that serve the needs of customers.

Keolis Downer has identified the opportunity to introduce multimodal public transport contracts to Australia. These contracts, particularly when they involve new transport modes, provide an opportunity to rethink existing networks and deliver new customer outcomes. In Newcastle through the new design of the transport network, Keolis Downer have delivered 23% growth on patronage year on year.

Keolis Downer supports a competitive market for transport service delivery. Competition supports a focus on value for money and customer satisfaction. Broadening the role of private operators helps foster innovation and new ideas. Ownership structure is just one aspect of policy-making. Our view is that if a market is open to competition, we will be keen to participate and put forward our credentials.

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