“We are problem-solvers, with the capacity to deliver new products and generate ideas that enhance productivity and the quality of life for local communities. Our worldwide experience provides the opportunity for innovation and excellence.”

Jean-Pierre Farandou, Executive Chairman, Keolis

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From its French roots, Keolis has become established in 16 countries*. Keolis is a global player in everyday mobility that includes partnerships in emerging countries and regions like China, India and the Middle East.

Keolis is a shared mobility pioneer, and operator-integrator of everyday modes of transport. The Group carries more than 3 billion people annually and operates more than 10 modes of transport from commuter rail to car share, as well as entire transport networks serving cities of all sizes.

In 1983, Keolis delivered the world’s first automated metro in Lille, France, and continues to partner with technology leaders to deliver innovative wayfinding, ticketing and journey planning using smartphones and wearable technology.

Keolis’s 58,300 employees share one goal: to co-develop more user-oriented shared mobility to improve every journey.

This ambition is founded on proven commercial expertise and a clearly defined vision for the future of public transport.

Keolis’ mission is to support transport authorities in designing the mobility solutions of the future to contribute to the development of regions as part of an open and participatory approach.

The Group contributes to creating more liveable cities by encouraging the use of public transport and improving the passenger experience for individuals.

Keolis also offers solutions and consultancy services via its subsidiary, Kisio, and is the second-leading car park operator in France thanks to its subsidiary EFFIA.

Strong, Long-Term Shareholders

Downer Rail


“We build strong relationships of trust with our customers, truly understanding their needs and bringing them world leading insights and solutions.”

Grant Fenn, Managing Director and CEO, Downer

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Downer is a leading provider of services to customers in markets including;
  • Transport
  • Technology and communications services
  • Utilities services
  • Engineering, construction and maintenance
  • Mining
  • Rail

Downer is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and employs more than 53,000 people across more than 300 sites.

The company operates primarily in Australia and New Zealand, as well as in the Asia-Pacific region, South America and southern Africa. Downer has extensive capabilities and a proud history that stretches back over 150 years.

Downer’s rail division has over 100 years of experience delivering total rail asset solutions for both passenger and freight customers in Australia. The company has an extensive national footprint, with centres of excellence in key locations. Downer has delivered more than 1,150 passenger cars to Australian operators, including all the electric passenger cars for Brisbane and Perth, the Millennium Trains in Sydney, and the Waratah Train Project; the largest ever rolling stock project in Australia. Downer maintains over 60 percent of Sydney’s passenger trains.

Downer supports its customers through the life of their assets, from initial feasibility and design through to construction, production and operations, and eventual decommissioning. Downer aims to employ the best people and bring thought leadership to each stage of the asset lifecycle as it supports its customers to plan, create and sustain.

At Downer, a strong customer focus lies at the heart all business and enables shared success. By truly understanding and predicting customer needs, Downer brings world-leading ideas to the transforming of possibility into reality.

Downer aims to create and sustain the modern environment through trusted relationships with customers, colleagues and communities.

The company is committed to innovation and has formed strategic joint ventures with industry leaders including Keolis. Downer’s relationship with Keolis is built on trust and a mutual dedication to our customers.