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Keolis Downer, the first bus company in Australia with ISO 55001 certification

13 November 2018

Keolis Downer, the first bus company in Australia with ISO 55001 certification

Keolis Downer has become the first and only bus company in Australia to obtain ISO 55001 Asset Management certification for its Path Transit operations in Perth, Western Australia.

We committed to achieving this objective in July 2017. 

James Edmiston, the State Manager for Keolis Downer Bus in Western Australia said “by having a goal, mapping out the plan and sharing what we wanted to achieve, the entire Western Australian engineering team were able to work toward achieving this certification.”

As part of the accreditation process, Keolis Downer underwent a 6-month review to ensure all its systems and outputs for asset management were integrated and measurable.

Keolis Downer took a top down and bottom up approach to the endeavour; the project was led by Howie Gray, Head of Assets, but all employees in the engineering department were a part of the process. This meant attending workshops, understanding what was required and leading the change.

The executive team also supported the process by listening to any concerns and committing the necessary resources to achieve the certification.

Path Transit has a 20 year history of running bus services in Perth.

Service delivery, asset reliability and safety to the travelling public has underpinned decision making and methods around the management of assets.

The ISO 55001 certification process allowed Path Transit to benchmark against international standards, providing the local transport authority with assurance their assets are being maintained to the highest levels, that safety regarding the asset maintenance is considered in every decision, and that passengers enjoy a bus fleet that is both clean and reliable.