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A community winner: Keoride On Demand public transport service in Mount Barker, Nairne and Littlehampton extended till June 2022

The Keoride On Demand Public Transport trial service in Mount Barker, Nairne and Littlehampton is being extended for a third time to June 2022 since first starting in January 2020. Since the introduction of the trial, Keoride has carried over 128,000 customers and delivered a customer satisfaction rate of over 97%.  

The Keoride trial is a collaboration between the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) and multi modal transport operator Keolis Downer. It continues to be extremely successful with increasing demand since its expansion to Nairne and Littlehampton from January this year. DIT and Keolis Downer will use the next 12 months to continue to deliver the most optimal service for the community and look at what steps need to be taken to make Keoride a permanent service.

David Franks says “Keoride was truly embraced by the community from day one. Thanks to the professionalism of our drivers and our customer service team we have achieved an ongoing customer satisfaction rate of 97%.”

“The collaboration with DIT has been exceptional and we have been constantly monitoring customer feedback to adapt the service to community needs. With the extension of the service area, we aim to encourage more people out of their cars to increase the use of public transport.”

David Franks says, “We would like to thank the community for their ongoing support of the service. It is exciting to see the community embrace the service with 43% of passengers ditching their car to take Keoride to complete their journey.”

“By providing more options to our customers, we will further improve their travel experience and encourage the use of public transport. There is no doubt this service delivers community benefits. From recent customer research, 86% of respondents agree the service offers a community benefit with 46% using the service to connect to the Park n rides to transfer to Adelaide Metro services”, adds David Franks.

Keoride in Australia: Keolis Downer has been operating Keoride services in Mount Barker since January 2020, with up to 5 vehicles at any one time on the road and close to 80,000 passengers carried in the first 12 months of the trial.

In Sydney Northern Beaches, Keoride has been operating since November 2017 and has been highly successful, with over 400,000 trips delivered in the first three years of operations, and over 19,000 trips delivered monthly.

About Keolis Downer

Keolis Downer is a leading operator and integrator of public transport in Australia. With nearly 5,000 employees and a presence in five states, Keolis Downer enables 350 million passenger journeys per year. We operate and maintain the largest tram network in the world in Melbourne (Yarra Trams), the light rail network on the Gold Coast (G:link), and more than 1,000 buses in NSW, Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland. From 31 January 2021, we will also operate the Adelaide Metro train services.

Established in 2009, Keolis Downer is a joint venture between Keolis, a leading public transport operator established in 15 countries, and Downer, the leading provider of integrated services in Australia and New Zealand.


Samuel Catling – New Mobilities – Stakeholder and Customer Engagement Manager

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